Monday , March 8 2021

In Diyarbakır, people who were receiving cancer drug were arrested from the hospital

According to information received, Gazi Yasargil Education and Research Hospital Oncology Department on November 24, 550 thousand pounds, about 700 drugs used in the treatment of cancer information was stolen by the Provincial Directorate of Security Directorate of Public Security Branch Office was started work by the teams.


The cameras, which are in the vicinity of the hospital and the workplaces of the nearby workplaces, and the teams examining the records of the PTS (license plate recognition system), found that the drugs were in a house.

6 suspects were arrested in the operation in question. The drugs were delivered to hospital management.

Following the procedures in the police, the court was released, 3 suspects were arrested in the pharmacy, 3 people were released on the condition of judicial control.

It was learned that the drugs were stolen for sale to Iran, Iraq and Syria.

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