Wednesday , October 20 2021

How does the 120Hz display on iPhone 13 Pro models work?


new iPhoneof the most expected One of its features was the display with a high refresh rate. Same time, Apple made this feature dynamic and Samsung based on matrix Promotion gave detailed information about the features of the screen.

According to Apple, innovation gives users a better touch control function making the device interface much more sensitive makes it. The company with the smartphone screen different refresh rate for types of user interaction Between 10 Hz and 120 Hz states that it has changed.

Cannot be fixed at a certain value

E.g while browsing the gallery picture per second Updating 120 times and this indicator when looking at a static picture drops to 10Hz. Thus, this solution energy efficiency is increasing. Also display controller refresh rate constantly adjusting and the user puts it at a certain value can’t fix.

your iPhone 13 in basic versions (iPhone 13 and 13 mini) this feature is not available. According to analysts, this is because the company on these models Does not support dynamic refresh rates LG screens to use. OLED solutions at 90 or 120Hz fixing it can cause excessive power consumption. At the same time, LG has not yet adapted to this technology. LTPS screens does not produce.

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