Friday , May 20 2022

He left a voice Turkey!


O Audio Turkey was also in this contest! The contestant's friend left the studio that moments marked social media! That's why Emin's friend left the studio.

O Audio Turkey experienced the funny moments in the contest.

O Audio Turkey to the scene with whom I'm sure it comes Aydin gave the name of the friend asked about everywhere but the studio wanted people appeared abandoned.

The reason for leaving was very interesting! Competitor Emin Aydın was so surprised that he didn't have a friend so he didn't know what to do! Emin's friend, Acun, called outside the studio, but Semih wasn't out of the studio.

When Semih was told that he might have gone to do totem, Acun Ilıcalı found the call for Semih. Acun wanted the phone number from the Ilıcalı competitor and called and spoke.

Responding to Ilıcalı's phone, Semih said, ere I had to go to work urgently.

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