Saturday , May 21 2022

Gold prices (grams-quarters) how much today? November 15 gold prices


Gold prices are being questioned with gram and quarter options due to instant fluctuations. Following the start of the day at 212 lira, gold prices, which decreased to 211 pounds, also had an effect on quarter and half gold. So, how long did the gold prices go? Here is some information about the gram and quarter gold prices of November 15

The gram price of gold is trading at 210 pounds as of 15.310 hours.

The sales price of the quarter gold is at 344 TL level and it is worth about 336 TL.

Half the gold sales prices, while 689 pounds, 671 pounds is taken back.

The selling price of the Republican gold is 416 pounds, the purchase price is traded at a level of 395 pounds.


Experts, the intensive data agenda was followed yesterday, also in the UK Council of Ministers approved the Brexit agreement, stating that the said developments are effective on the markets.

Today in domestic unemployment and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) expectations survey of monitoring will transfer experts, "If abroad in the US in November the New York Fed industry index and weekly jobless claims with the Eurozone trade balance data will be released. Today ounce price of 1,208 "We expect the price of grams of gold to be in the range of 212,0-214,7 pounds," he said.

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