Friday , May 20 2022

Galatasaray – Ratiopharm Ulm: 77-69


Galatasaray defeated Germany representative ratiopharm Ulm 77-69 in the ULEB European Cup Group A 7th week match. Yellow-red team, with this result, the group 3 has won. The German representative was defeated 4 times in the field.

Starting the match with a 6-0 series ratiopharm Ulm, 5 minutes of the match was superior to 8-6. Galatasaray defeated his defense, Gökalp'in the outer shots of Hayes'ın painted in the area recorded the first quarter 15-11 ahead of the numbers.

Galatasaray started the second quarter effectively, with Arapovic's effective play in the 14th minute the difference was double digits: 24-14. Ratiopharm Ulm, who found the numbers in a row from the free throws, reduced the difference to single digits, but the yellow-red team went to the locker room 34-27.

Galatasaray, which produces baskets from the bottom of the pot, Göksenin Köksal's three-point basket with the 28th minute difference again moved to double-digits: 54-43. While the remaining part of the quarter was crossed with mutual numbers, the yellow-red team was ahead 57-49 in the final period.

The last quarter started with mutual numbers. Supporters of the back of the support of Galatasaray, 34-minute ahead of the 64-55 was superior. Ratiopharm Ulm, in the face of his opponent, who easily lost the ball in the offense, reduced the gap to 4 points in the 38th minute: 66-62. The last part of the match in the contention of Harrison and Hayes'in free shoots, maintaining the rule of superiority Galatasaray, 77-69 victory left the field.

Galatasaray: 77 – ratiopharm Ulm: 69

Lounge: Sinan Erdem

Referees: Juan Carlos Garcia (Spain), Marcin Kowalski (Poland), Semen Ovinov (Russia)

Galatasaray: Webster 2, Göksenin Köksal 5, Harrison 17, Hayes 10, Auguste 17, Arapovic 8, Emir Gökalp 9, Ege Arar 4, Erolcan Zinc, Klobucar 5

Leader: Ertuğrul Erdoğan

ratiopharm Ulm: İsmet Akpınar 12, Miller 11, Green 10, Thompson 11, Fotu 9, Reinhardt 7, Bretzel, Ugrai 5, Kraemer 4

Header: Thorsten Leibenath

Period 1: 15-11

Period 2: 34-27

3. Period: 57-49

4. Period: 77-69

5 Faulle Out Of The Game: 38.29 Webster (Galatasaray), 39.23 Thompson (ratiopharm Ulm)

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