Saturday , July 31 2021

Did Okan Kurt reconcile with Demet Akalın?

Demet Akalın and Okan Kurt had made a sudden decision. Following the confiscation of the family company of Okan Kurt, the enforcement officers came to Demet Akalın's house and started the foreclosure proceedings. Demet Akalın after the events, Okan Kurt had decided to divorce. For a while, "Okan'a very angry," said Akalin, 2. Page program 'Miss Okan Bey?' "I miss the smell of the skin" I miss a person from time to time, there is no such thing as not miss. " he answered.

Demet Akalin, who was a guest in the 2nd Channel program published on the Channel D screens recently, signaled that they could reconnect with his ex-wife Okan Kurt. The couple went to Polonezköy with their daughter Hira this weekend. The couple claimed to have made peace.

The couple went to Polonezköy with their daughter Hira Kurt. He gave a double peace signal that melted the ice between them. Okan Kurt and Demet Akalın'ın photographs of those who 'Demet, Okan pardı' he found.


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I'm taking pictures from my surrogate. It's like you're on duty, my photos are smart! I see Hira once a week, don't be so curious and don't think you're so smart! Shame ..!

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