Tuesday , May 17 2022

British reporter explained! Cenk Tosun …


Cenk Tosun, who transferred from Besiktas Premier League teams to Everton, started to be mentioned frequently in the British press.

Everton correspondent Adam Jones of Liverpool Echo made striking remarks about Cenk Tosun's future in the team … After Marco Silva's arrival, Cenk Tosun's progress in Everton began to decline.

Putton put a new system by putting the force to put the last match in the last match, and the success of Everton's Cenk Tosun's team was also the subject of discussion.

Cenk Tosun the other players do not serve enough, arguing that the Everton reporter, "If you can get enough of the top Cenk Tosun can see the real. However, this has not happened until now," he said.


The team is doing good transfers this season, but the offensive problem still can not solve the Jones Jones "in the new system, everyone can stand out as the striker. Specific to a player can not say the scorer of the team. Besiktas club's interest in him may experience new developments," he said.

Cenk Tosun, who proved himself a proven scorer last season in the Champions League underlined that the scorer "Other players Cenk Tosun'a help the Turkish striker Marco Silva indispensable," he said. (Fotomaç)


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