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Breakfast and coffee reduce the risk of diabetes


Those who do not have breakfast are unhealthy. Something sweet when you feel hunger
snacks and even smokes. From the German Diabetes Center. Sabrina Schlesinger
and his team and published in a journal of nutrition science
the results reveal such a table.

Nutritional experts have examined the health data of about 96 thousand people
  5 thousand people with diabetes over time the second type was caught (diabetes). Overweight
  usually they didn't have breakfast. The second of the fat binding of the body
  type of diabetes is proven to increase the risk of developing.


Regular breakfast plays an important role in protecting from diabetes. Breakfast table
  As for what should be taken as beverages. Water or orange juice or not

Meta research by the Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) Institute
  According to the breakfast the most suitable drink coffee.

Since the institute is funded by the top 6 coffee companies in Europe,
  this advice is not surprising enough. However, this institute works independently and
  as they cooperate with universities, they have to take their research seriously in scientific circles.


According to the Institute's research, the coffee is the second type of diabetes
  Decreases by 25. Medicine and pharmacology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm
  Matthias Carlström gave lectures on 1 million 185 thousand people
  and announced their arrival.

Kjeld Hermansen, a professor of medicine working at the Aarhhus University Clinic
  The protective effect is due to the antioxidant substances it contains.
  Hermansen prevented inflammation of coffee and metabolized to the warm coffee
  and enrichment of the intestinal flora.

Professor Hermansen men and women drinking three to four cups of coffee a day
  recommends. Also worries about fluttering and increasing blood pressure
  and those who drink caffeinated coffee for the same effect.

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