Sunday , February 28 2021

Bensu Soral: I'm not miser


Bensu Soral and Hakan Baş pair glowing with his star in the series met with his friends at a place in Bebek.

"I've just started to save money"

Bensu Soral, who is now living the excitement of the film Organized Works 2, which is a day for vision, said he was a high-spirited person. 27-year-old Bensu Soral, "I just started making money, but I didn't make any investments" said.


Bensu Soral continued: "I'm not stingy, I'm active. I spend money in vain, accumulate in the bank, it will be needed in the future."

Bensu Soral and his wife, Hakan Baş, entered the world house in September in Istanbul-Besiktas. After the wedding, the couple preferred the Bahamas for the honeymoon.

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