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Ata Demirer: Cem Yilmaz is always a quota for me

'Cem Yılmaz, Şener Şen and Metin Akpınar …'

Ata Demirer, a guest of '40' Buket Aydin in CNN TÜRK, answered the question: una Do you have a name for yourself? Bir Cem Yılmaz emphasizes that for himself a quota is a determinant of intelligence and quality. always take him very seriously said Demirer, explaining the names that he cares, "If I'm a specialy Sener Sen and Metin Akpinar. I admire Şener's filmography, if only we had such an opportunity. O Ertem Egilmez and Arzu Films are not easy. Here he is trying to continue the main flow of veins, "he said.

'No competition between us'

Aydin's "Do you have a rival?" Demirer asked, "There is no competition between us, you start to compete with yourself after a while. You try to improve yourself. At first Cem Yilmaz was, of course, my own. He is a very talented guy, a special person, but when he starts to turn into himself you feel the differences. Orum orum I'm a musical comedian. When I felt the difference, I made some kind of peace with myself. But still Cem is a standard for me both in the cinema and on the stage. found in the evaluation.

'I find it right to compare'

Demirer, Yilmaz, said they found the correct comparisons, he said:

"Yes, it should be. Yes. That's the nature of the job. It's not wrong, but I find it technically correct. Of course it's wrong, but it's the nature of the job. So I'll accept."

2- Is Ata Demirer apolitical? 40 responded

Famous actor, comedian and screenwriter Ata Demirer participated in the 40 programs offered by Buket Aydın in CNN TÜRK. To him, "Apolitical, no political jokes do not do" responded to criticism. "If we do cabaret politics, but there is no politics within the stand-up," he said.

Ata Demirer, Buket Aydin "you say you are apolitical, are you apolitical?" he replied:

"Cabaret must be politics. The cabaret is a social satirical pattern. But on a stage where you go on your own, no one should say 'Say this or say it.' I broke up, I laughed, I had fun. ' I don't laugh in politics, but it's not in the movie, I don't use it when it comes to earth. There is no such a pattern. Ektör ektör There is no such pattern. Den den But I don't like to do it. Diye diye I don't like to do it. Diye diye I would like to do if there was a cabaret. -up is not a thing like that.It is a one-man game, it is a game of words in my pocket.I'm not a stand-up game.I'm taking out these jokes, I can put it every week you can go with a different 11.He's experienced story, the moment you want. I'm doing the Demirer Casino, and there's the inside. "

3- Ata Demirer 'My Goal You're Like: If someone else did …

Ata Demirer, who plays the raw meatball player Zekeriya in My Goal, is "I'll be in that beautiful picture of himself for two hours. I would go immediately. Someone else would have made a jealous, "he said.

Ata Demirer, a famous actor, comedian and screenwriter, will meet the audience on November 30th, one of the stories he has accumulated for years. In the film he wrote the screenplay he played the character of Çiğ Köfteci Zekeriya. He was accompanied by Demet Akbağ, Gonca Vuslateri and İlker Aksum.

'If someone else did, I'd be jealous'

For his film, "Someone else would make a jealous of the comments," commented Demirer, said:

"I love to tell tale once. It is a fairy tale. Funny child with clarinet is on the road. This is a fairy tale. For 2 hours, the geography of Gökçeada with Kıvanç Baruönü's direction and Burak Kanbir" For one thing that Gökçeada itself will be enough, we will enter into a very beautiful picture, a wonderful thing, this is already a utopia, I love Italian movies, deep pictures, Zechariah is a very funny man, and the other actors have been right. This is something. er I would go immediately if someone else would do it. He is going into a very beautiful utopia, with red colors, spices, meatballs, fish, honey. It's so fun to see her in her glowing red When I look at the script I always see her in red. He's another guy. He's into a beautiful world. Nice and fun. "

4- A description of marriage from Ata Demirer

Ata Demirer participated in the 40 programs offered by Buket Aydın in CNN TÜRK, "Would you like to marry again?" answered the question. Demirer, "I love and marry when I love. After 46 years, what would I lose? I would like to be sincere, if you want. Why do you want to ask. It is good to fall in," he said.

Ata Demirer's statements about his private life are as follows:

"Of course I don't know how I look from the outside. I need to ask people around me. What kind of a horse is Ata? A deserted man?" I would like to say:. I am not a very bored person when I was alone. I can handle loneliness.. But it doesn't mean that I love loneliness. 5 years and 3 years of marriage or something, but sometimes people fall into a void, in search of things that they wouldn't normally do in an experimental sense. "I want to know why you want. It is good to fall in love."

5- Why did Ata Demirer pass the question?

Ata Demirer, a guest of '40' Buket Aydin with CNB Turk, was the guest of "What happened between you and Ferdi Tayfur?" Passed the question. "I don't want to be like digging out the ridiculous things. So I'm passing. Or because it's not something I can't explain," Demirer said.

Famous actress, comedian and screenwriter Ata Demirer, Buket Aydin's "Ferdi Tayfur'la have a process that is in court, you have been right. The event has resulted in your favor. So why did he make something like that period Ferdi Tayfur? What exactly happened between you ? " Passed the question. Demirer, "I'll call this rust. Because it is a very tall, tiring and sad period. I do not want to be under the ridiculous things like digging again. If I say something I will give unpleasant answers at the stage of my new movie. I do not want to live the same nightmare again. So I pass. Or because it is not something I can't explain, "he said.

What happened between Demirer and Tayfur?

The process that brought Ferdi Tayfur and Ata Demirer to a standstill was the beginning of the same program in 2009. Allegedly; Tayfur talked about the film project Lambda Saz and offered Demirer the lead role. Demirer asked the artist to send the script to him. Three years later, Demirer released the Berlin Tiger.

Tayfur, "I sent a script without permission from the quote," he sued. The famous comedian rejected the claim, Tayfur'unununun said that the script reached. The court found Ata Demirer right. The judge ruled that the script of the Berlin Tiger belonged to Demirer and that Tayfur had no rights on the film.

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