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A Drop of Life "Premature Babies Met


Child Health and Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ercan Tutak, this year held the third of the "A Drop of Life" event "in Turkey every year comes around 1.5 million babies in the world, of which approximately 150 thousand consists of premature babies. Premature babies, including respiratory particularly because it comes with the completion of world development bodies central nervous system and gastrointestinal system problems can develop. said.

The event, which was hosted by Memorial Şişli Hospital with the motto of "A drop of life", which was held for the third time this year, provided important information on the care of infants at the event which brought together premature babies and families.

Assoc. Dr. The families of the children, who were treated by Ercan Tutak, followed the presentation of the first photographs of their babies, and there were many emotions.

Providing important information about the care of premature babies Tutak, in his opening remarks, noting that in Turkey every year about 150 thousand premature babies came into the world, said that premature babies are born under one in three thousand grams.

Tutak, low birth weight, as well as the development of maternal abdomen before completing the development of babies can face serious health problems, drawing attention to the "early detection of maternal and maternity risks and perinatology experts throughout pregnancy is important to determine." he said.

Asserting that premature birth can be prevented but risks should always be taken into consideration. Dr. Ercan Tutak continued his speech as follows:

"The mother-in-law has to give birth in the hospital, which is a fully equipped neonatal intensive care unit.

One out of every 10
Babies born before 37 weeks are defined as premature. Particularly in the 32nd week and before, there are serious problems in terms of baby health. "Turkey is coming to about 1.5 million babies worldwide each year and which consists of approximately 150 thousand from premature babies. Premature babies difficulties related to the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract, especially the respiratory system because it comes to the completion of the development of the organ world can develop."

Tutak, premature babies breathing center due to the lack of well-developed breathing spells and brain vessels are very thin and delicate because of the risk of cerebral hemorrhage, said, "especially in newborns, breastfeeding during his stay in the intensive care unit, life-threatening bloody diarrhea in babies fed with food a situation that can lead to. " shared their knowledge.

-Most vital nutrients for nursing babies "Breast milk"

Emphasizing that breast milk is the most important nutrient for premature babies, Tutak emphasized that nutritional problems of preterm babies are very serious.

Tutak, premature babies in the early days of the first day of feeding because the blood flow, calcium, sodium and potassium, such as adding to the body can not balance very important substances, he added:

"Therefore, it is very important to breastfeed the baby as soon as possible and to get rid of the liquid given to the baby as soon as possible. The care and close follow-up of the babies born prematurely is in a fully equipped hospital environment with a team of newborn doctors and experienced neonatal nurses who are experts in their field. Because the survival rate of babies who are born early in the world under the supervision of trained and experienced experts is much higher. "

– "Winter diseases are a big risk for premature babies"

Babies born before 37 weeks are described as "premature", says Tutak, suggesting that families should be more careful with the arrival of winter. "Winter diseases are a great risk for premature babies. One of the most commonly known mistakes among the people is whether the newborn baby is premature or not." However, birth weight does not indicate whether the baby is premature. A baby weighing 2 thousand grams is not premature; a baby born at 3 thousand grams may be premature. The determinant criterion is the birth week. " found in the evaluation.

Assoc. Dr. Ercan Tutak, warned families about the common infections, said:

Mek Premature babies should be provided with hand cleaning before touching these babies in order to protect them from infections. In order to protect a baby from whooping cough, it is very important to vaccinate the people around the baby, especially those who have the highest contact with the baby. "

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