Monday , May 16 2022

Who is crazy about Drone who has #ICONSIAM to see who did this!


All those awakened.droneShow at I #ıconsia must see! power demonstration Control the drone in the sky on Chao Phraya. … Who's behind you to see?!?!? Dan 1,500 First output I ICONSIA How did she check in three days ago? How many people use it? Where to hide? How? This is my first message.

Great Preview for Improvement "Icon Siam" (ICONSIAM) Shopping center on the Chao Phraya River. Arts and Culture Center in Thailand Great shopping and entertainment operations Intel Corporation Microelectronics Processors Router All Show Controllers I ICONSIA Using Dan 1500

He won't miss this big boredom after the show. Honored by You Nha Mice Seng China junction CCG Platform and Distribution Director, Asia Pacific and Japan Intel Corporation and Mr.Ron Situ We are Development Manager Intel Corporation Tell the same story to the back of this wonderful moment!

Mr.Ron Situ "This is exactly what Intel has created. Tested since 2016. We tried many different Dron. Pass the drones. It was a great success. And we've decided to make an ad. "

droneThere are 1,400 exhibitions divided into two parts.Take control of the whole picture and maintain the show.justOnly 2 people together Watch out for the first 800, followed by the remaining 600. We've got a team here last week.To prepare and adjust the flight area and values ​​in perfect condition.But the setup This is just part of the show. Before installing. It should be prepared and discussed with the customer.The speech was completed in April.

We exhibited in 17 countries.Thailand18. the country and the latest andThe largest exhibition in Southeast Asia.

side You Nha Mice Seng China junction says "SourceShow from DanThis timeSiam Piwat or I ICONSIA I have to go back to this. I ICONSIA I'm trying to create a Thai perspective. As we are developing, I would like to tell you the history of the current Thailand. And look to the future And technology is a good indicator of the story. The show is also connected to the stage.Story Path to Eternity Talk about the history of Thailand. So far on the Chao Phraya River. And towards the future. This is a long time for Thailand. Angels were welcomed from the very beginning. It was delivered to the second stage with the connection to the stage. Composed for the song. I ICONSIA Especially with Droon. It shows that Thailand is not lost in any country in the world. Finish with logo. I ICONSIA All stories will be seen to have a good connection.

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