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The black-minded Mercedes refused to escape from the ambulance. Free to put your middle finger |

NASA director (NASA) announced in the middle stage of uto Pluto is a planet #

13 years ago (2006), the International Federation of Astronomy (IAU), a world-class group of astronomers. Pluto has been voted to reduce asteroid status by referring to the novel of the planet that should have an open orbit And because of the influence of Neptune's gravity on nearby planets This is Pluto. Both Pluto separate its trajectory with gas and frozen objects found in the Kuiper Belt. Cause it to be pushed off the planet

It caused the solar system to leave the planet, and since then it has been spinning around the Sun for only 8 months.

However, many astronomers have not participated in the voting results, including Jim Bryden Stein, Director, US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) In August, he spoke during a tour of building, science, and aeronautical engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Ona Pluto is a planet to him, Jim Jim said, "and you can argue that NASA's director, Pluto, has unveiled the planet again. Jim

NASA's director said that Pluto must be a planet because there is an ocean beneath the surface. There are organic compounds on the surface. And you have your own bear

"Some people claim that this is a planet. It must have a clear orbit around the sun. But now that we know, if that's the definition we're going to use, you can cut down all the planets. They're all dwarf planets.

Last year's work was one of the things that supported Jim's ideas. Research from the University of Florida at Orlando, Pluto's planetary status is "invalid" claim that the reason for the loss.

A scientific literature review over the last 200 years found that since 1802, only one publication has used trajectories to classify planets and has been challenged.

Recently, it confirmed the original idea.

Dim I came to tell you as NASA's director. I believe Pluto should be a planet, Jim and Jim received applause during a speech at the International Space Assembly in Washington DC last Friday. This is the second time in a few months that Bridenstine supports to take its place on a distant planet.

However, this is an academic discussion. No official decision or notification has been made for Pluto.

Compiled by: Daily Mail

Photo: NASA

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