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Stephen Hawking: Astronomer's $ 1.8 million personal auction


Stephen Hawking: The personal astronomer of the deceased was auctioned for an amount of 1.8 million pounds.

Professor Stephen Hawking's £ 1.8 million ($ 77 million) auction was organized by Christie's auction house.

Personal records including doctoral thesis signed by Professor Stephen Hawking in 1965. Earn £ 1.8 million (about 77 million) at the auction.

Christie, a prominent art auctioneer company, auctioned 22 pieces. The world-famous physicist, Cambridge, died in March.

One of the remaining five people was subjected to auction for 584,750 pounds (about 25.16 million).

The first wheelchair was sold for 296,750 pounds (about 12.77 million baht). And talk when he's spoken. "Simpsons" funny sitcom in the United States. Sold at 6,250 pounds (approx. 268,961 baht)

Stephen Hawking:

CHRISTIE & # 39; S
The first car used by him.

Christie, 9 days before the auction is representative of the products in the auction, he said. "The highest triumph of scientific wisdom over misery"

Hawking signed his famous doctoral thesis twice. He was chosen the year in which he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease.

This thesis is expected to be auctioned up to 150,000 liras (6.46 million baht), but more than four times the price of interest from around the world.

Auction items also contain medals. Scientific articles and studies of other prominent scientists such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Vale. Stein sells ten thousand pounds (more than 430 thousand baht).

Professor Hawking's research in the black holes of 1974.

CHRISTIE & # 39; S
Professor Hawking's research in the black holes of 1974.

"Short History of Time", signed by Hawking in 1988 with a stamp stamped, sells more than £ 68,750 (about $ 2.96 million) more than the valued value. 3,000 pounds (about 129,101 baht)

The auction amounted to 1,824,375 lira (about 78,5 million baht).

Lucy's daughter, Lucy, said that Christie helped families. "My dear father's unique and valuable personal and professional agreement."

The revenue from the red leather coffin tender will be donated to the Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Alzheimer's Association.

Sophie Hopkins, the original author, author and archivist, talked about the party that announced the auction. "Very different"

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