Tuesday , September 28 2021

Start ShopeePay Day every 25 days. Popular products for only 25 baht. At least 0 baht free.

Launching the ‘ShopeePay Day every 25’ campaign on Shopee and empowering partners Unlimited provides a convenient and rewarding spending experience. Popular items, only 25 baht, free bill payment code, free delivery code, 0 baht minimum, from 25 July.

It continues to strengthen its mission to drive digital payments in Thailand. and aiming to provide a more private spending experience. ‘ShopeePay’ (ShopeePay) Leading Mobile Wallet Payment Service Provider SeaMoney Announces Campaign Launch ‘ShopeePay Day Every 25th’ official Empower partners and merchants in various businesses Combining online and offline channels into one Omni Channel, emphasizing value for money with full benefits and promotions, free bill redemption codes, free delivery codes, whether it’s a popular product for only 25 baht. Low 0 baht on shopee and more apps, just one place!

Mr. Supawit Hongamornsin, Shopee Pay (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Director “The ‘ShopeePay 25th Day’ campaign was born out of our intention to provide continuous value to ShopeePay users on a monthly basis. To support the reduction of household expenses and provide convenience in the midst of the current situation. In addition to the valuable benefits we have already chosen, we also aim to strengthen our network of business partners. By continuing to expand the service and create new benefits offers. It is ready to meet the needs of Thai customers and support their all-dimensional behavior.”

In the past, ShopeePay has developed and expanded the reach of both offline and online merchant network partners and operators in various industries. Promote the use of technology for digital business growth. And so, regardless of merchants and industries in Thailand, users can enjoy the convenience of unlimited payments.

  • Google Play Play Store payment service via ShopeePay for Android mobile phone users, whether in app purchases. buy stickers In-game purchases and more
  • ShopeePay Coupons Collaborate with leading merchants nationwide to encourage shoppers to shop at the best prices by purchasing Coupons on Shopee and then scanning them for in-store purchases and discounts.
  • ShopeePay Prepaid Mastercard Tap Pay, Cardless, offers users the convenience of spending in stores and outlets all over the world.
  • Double A Fastprint Service for print quality, work on your own with the mobile app easily, conveniently and quickly, anytime, anywhere. With advantages when paying with ShopeePay
  • shopteenee.com Support the online restaurant market to meet people’s consumption trends in a new way Offer special deals on many purchases/foods. One of the leading restaurants of various styles under ThaiBev’s food business group

This is further proof of ShopeePay’s commitment to improving the quality of life of people in the community. With mobile wallet payment technology that meets all lifestyles in the digital age, both users and business stores

Make an appointment to deliver value each month. Get started this July with an army of promotions from the “Every 25th of ShopeePay Day” campaign. full heavy

  • ‘Flash Sale’, the faster you’ll get it Super special with popular quality products from leading brands at shocking prices of only 25 baht! Such as Clarins skin care products, Samsung Smart TV, Dibea F20Max Plus cordless vacuum cleaner and vivo Y20 smartphone.
  • Thais have a hey to pay bills for free! free no minimum price easy to pay both water bill electricity and telephone bills with a maximum discount of 100 baht
  • Free Shipping Voucher. Give free shipping code. 0 baht minimum for enthusiastic customers No matter how much you shop, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs.
  • Have fun shopping with a code to get 25% Coins cashback. Double happiness with a code to get cash back in the form of 25% Shopee Coins Cashback up to 500 baht.

Only for 25th of July. Don’t miss out on more rewarding benefits and promotions on the Shopee app. https://www.facebook.com/ShopeePayTH

Enjoy a better shopping experience with ShopeePay by updating the app to the latest version. Or you can download the app for free from the App Store, Google Play Store and App Gallery.

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