Saturday , October 23 2021

Silent flow! Playing Card "Thailand – Indian" not sold: PPTVHD36


In less than 24 hours, Thailand will be played in Indonesia along with the Suzuki Cup, but the tickets will not be sold as well as Indonesian fans. Only hundreds of this game to visit.

Silent flow! Playing card
Silent flow! The game card "Thai-Indo" has run out.

Today (November 16, 61) reported to journalists. Buy Suzuki Cup football match 2 Thailand national team Indonesia still with loneliness. Fans are more than the first match in Thailand to meet Timor Leste, but it is expected that the cause may be due to the fact that the fans have started to ignore it, even though they are still not considered much more than two years ago. I think the finalists will get more fans if the results are better. Thailand Football Association has been sold to 2,600 fans in Indonesia, tomorrow (17 November 61) will receive only hundreds of fans tickets to visit the game.

Milo Raye Yeev players of the national team of Thailand practiced at Rajamangala Stadium. In a relaxed atmosphere, everyone looks stress-free. Tomorrow's plan to play, the Ravenswap still uses the original players, only the rainy season, Manuel Tom Beer, instead of getting a chance to come to the field and withdraw from the team.

The second match of B Group for the national team of Thailand will meet with Indonesia at 18.30 and the Thailand national team will meet with Indonesia tomorrow. Rajamangala Stadium, at 18.30.

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