Saturday , April 17 2021

Seeing is a blessing! Smile of the famous joke's mansion.

In the entertainment industry for decades. Funny jokes, smiley notes, or today spoiled the bowels that are more famous. Comedians have to go through various formats. Money has been created since nothing else. This is now becoming a family to do well.

And it was seen as a blessing to the luxury mansion of the latest celebrity jokes. We work hard to keep the fragrances around the family. Before doing a great update to feng shui. I published a picture of his big house in the evening. With message.

"House at night .. Set the feng shui tree house. To make the house airy. Move the room, set the temple to the temple. Move the toilet upstairs. Downstairs bathroom Create a new bathroom Front loaders Backyard swimming pool Living garden Garage change. So the rectangle will not have any movement in. North face South side East right Left west And many other adjustments.This is my first message.

This is better than having to wait after I set up to make a new home that will be real to Feng Shui.

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