Monday , June 14 2021

Samsung unveils the Infinity Flex Display & One UI: Smart design "Really works"

Samsung unveiled the Infinity Flex Display folding screen in the 2018 Samsung Developers Conference (SDC) Conference and the One UI interface for use on smartphones. Samsung's folding screen and other Samsung accessories.

Infinity Flexible Display

Samsung has launched the Infinity Flex Display for Samsung's smartphones with fold-out screens that Samsung has developed over a long period of time. This reveals the design and functionality of the smartphone.

The Infinity Flex Display is a 7.3-inch OLED panel, the main feature. It can be folded vertically. For use on large displays. Foldable and easy to carry.

A UI interface

In use. These foldable smartphones design an interface to implement the app with the One UI interface that Samsung has developed with Google and Android developers. Bottom of the screen

It also indicates that performance below the screen is damaged. For easy access to applications. Even with one hand.

A UI will show the results of the tablet. The user will be able to fully work on the 7.3-inch display and can display up to three applications at the same time as the screen is turned off.

A UI is also installed on other smartphones that do not use Samsung's foldable screen.

Technology Competition

Samsung announced that the folded smartphone will soon be released and will start production in the coming months.

If you take into account the features and applications in the production process of the Infinity Flex Display, it can be seen that it is quite complex.

  • Switch from glass to new layer. Composite polymers are advanced. And flexible and durable.
  • The Infinity Flex Display screen has been designed to close and expand several times. For a lifetime
  • When the display is turned off together. There must be a screen lock tight enough for the device to work properly.
  • The screen has been designed to be thinner than the screen on other mobile devices, currently 45%

Samsung officially launched the Infinity Flex Display. And to start a smartphone that folds in the early days, fans are actually looking for a touch screen smartphone designed to work. We will update the information to you. (The show is also a prototype)

Reference: gsmarena

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