Saturday , January 16 2021

Ruan Chuan "King of Meteor Rain" 17-18 November.

A case of meteor shower in 2001, recorded by Mr. Sumetha Petchmee
Dr. Duangdee Meteor Shower "King of Meteor Shower" 17-18 November, the maximum decline of 10-15 per hour. Look at the naked eye in Thailand without moonlight. northeast lions star cluster

National Astronomy Institute Ministry of Science and Technology, Chulachomklao "King of Meteor Rain – King of Meteor Oil" 17 November at midnight after midnight at dawn. 2. December without moonlight. Nice to observe. Look at the naked eye in Thailand. Northeast Lions Star Cluster Watch in the dark.

Head of Astronomical Research Service Suparerk Kanthanont said that "meteor shower" or "meteor star" is a meteor shower that takes place in November every year. This will be seen from November 17 to November 18, 2018 in the northeast of November 17, 2018. The area near the star of the lion. On such nights, even at night. But the moon will return to the horizon about 1: 30.

"The best time is around 2 am. Average drop of 10-15 per hour Leo's Meteor shower is the brightest meteor shower.

Mr. Suparerk added: The meteor shower should be dark, light or distant. I recommend to watch sleep Meteor rain while spreading to the sky. Meteor to attract the rain. Direction cannot be specified. Estimate the camera and turn it on and let the meteor pass through the camera. Interested parties can prepare and equip them for the time frame.

Meteor shower 55P The Tempel-Tuttle comet remains in orbit of the comet, cutting its orbit around the Earth. The dust of these comets is scraping against the Earth's atmosphere. It turns into a light flash like a fireball running in the sky. The direction of the orbit of the meteor shower accelerates the direction of the Earth's orbit around the sun. The speed of the dust particles entering the atmosphere is very fast. Up to 71 miles per second. Meteor shower Brightest meteor shower. This was called. "King of Meteor Rain"

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