Wednesday , March 3 2021

“Power Pat” willing to paint the picture “PK” I don’t mind using the word Prison – Innnews

He went out to open after the drama When young MC PK Piyawat wanted to buy a painting from Pat Power Pat that offered 10,000 baht, but there were many criticisms that young PK Piyawat wanted to buy a painting from the other side. Although Young Pat says it is a picture of psychological value, I cannot guess the price. The use of interviews on the show as a prison rather than the word prison, which is considered inappropriate. Recently, young Pat Power Pat opened up to resolve the matter.

The current drama where PK wants to buy a photo of Khun Pat and then tie his hands and force Khun Pat to sell?
Pat: Actually it is my wish. Because PK has seen in the industry that you really love our job, really want and really like our craft. Regarding the amount of money, I didn’t even look there. I’m looking for more value. I want to give to PK with real feelings As if they don’t think we are selling each other. Don’t think it’s stupid. Because I really give it with my heart.

But there is a trend for PK to take this photo to bring Pee Pat back because Pat is an image that has psychological value … What about Pat?
Pat: I don’t expect a comeback. I did not want to take it back because I gave it and I thought the old man gave it. Because from the very beginning I wanted PK to understand this direct current rather than come back, I don’t want to take it back. It is not a reluctance or a bond, for what we give and give, that is, the given is finished. You don’t need to go back. But I also want the fan stream to understand that the satisfaction of both of these And Phi PK is not making us stuck Or connect with us

As with the price situation Do people think PK only gives 10,000 too little?
Pat: Like I said, I wrote a picture and didn’t plan to sell it. Or is it worth any blow? Therefore, money itself cannot be measured anyway. It’s a matter of feeling more than we want to PK him. Don’t shoot the money.

Another topic that cannot be discussed is the issue of using prison interviews Instead of using the word prison, did Pat listen to him or is it too violent?
Pat: I think it’s a word that people in general can’t say, feel hurt or accept nothing. Because prison and prison are the same place. It may be easier to speak at a normal human level that is more easily understood. Don’t think like that, I don’t feel anything, I don’t think I can think of anything. We feel good even because he likes our job. And then there is a good feeling for us

What would Pat want to say to fans who love and care about our emotions in the current drama?
Pat: Thank you for all your comments for all your worries as if it would protect me, actually I didn’t think much of it. I want everyone to understand. However, I must thank you for all your attention and all the good hopes you have been given to me. I think this point should be nothing. Must end nothing

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