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Pat is going to open his offer, or is he gonna be over or over?


It's been a good time for me to meet Benz Racing, my husband, who has been with his eyes for a long time now. Many people doubt that both are still the same.

Recently, the girl came to open her mind as a homeowner with Thanya Tanya and DJ Bokko in a program speaking on the main channel.

Who's with me?

Pat: I'm just a Benz kid. I do not like because I understand it 1. It is a long time away from the child. When he returned to play with the ball, he made it to the ball. So the devil in the eyes of the race. This is a god who has everything.

I haven't met in a long time. Then find out how to get him. Do I have to live with my father?

Pat: I don't really want to live with anyone, I can't see my mother, I can't see the person I see. That's why there are so many. If you have any questions, please contact us. Race won't be enough. He'il find us. But a nanny, but not enough to see her live. I guess it should be.

How did you sleep with Benz? Because you didn't go back to his place. Have not you come home yet

Pat: First of all, we think that we are doing our own way. We've talked this over and over again. This is the decision of Mercedes Benz. And then everyone asked why Pat didn't come back late at night, soaked with it. Pat feels like it's not a tragedy. When we give him a lift, we have clothes to drag him back, it's not Pat.

And what is this?

Pat: This is Pat. Want to stay together or leave? This hasn't been answered yet.

It's a good idea to have a good relationship with your husband.

Pat: No, really, now Pat and Benz have a good feeling. But most of the conversation is about kids. We want to make him go for two kids to go. We both want to do it for ourselves. That means we're pretty much confused by both Benz and Pat at the moment, but Pat thought we should come. This is the only Benz to try with us. If you think that Benz is not good, you don't want to be a husband and wife. If we want to be a family, we'il spare time. To say this, Pat. It is not easy to lick the house at the same time. If we go back to the same family, we'll spend the time in a few days. I'm gonna have a few days to share as I don't have.

Now the situation really. What do we call that?

Pat: Currently, parents, husbands and spouses will still have to wait for Mercedes Benz. But that's for sure. Are you Dad and Mom? This is my first message. Pat's husband and wife are asked to be, he said he expects. While waiting for his mind to open, he will answer this question.

Just me

Pat: Yes, the trend was that Pat hadn't paid back, but he was fine when he last spoke. He spent two months. I need to play with the kids, we need to play with the kids, we don't have to send the ball home. Or you have to play at school. You came to play at my house. Now I want to help him think about how he feels. As in his brain. He had a wife I don't know what to do but I don't know how. Earlier, Pat accelerated in the first months. What is the best way to do this? It's our turn. Do you want to squeeze me? I don't know how to say it, so stop it.

And now is your love for Benz the same?

Pat: Like you said, wait for her to come back. Do we want to know that the return of our love will be the same? This is far away. Pat took all of Pat's time to work with his kids, but we thought it was supposed to be good. If we live with 3 people, we try to get back to him before he tries to think before.

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