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& # 39; Novak Djokovic & # 39; by Aleksander Sanders & # 39; two tennis teams took out ATP British Museum

Today, in the 49th ATP Playoffs held in The Two Towers, London, England (15 November, 61), it earned $ 8 million, worth seven hundred thousand dollars of $ 26 million. Four shots are played in two "Gaga" Gustav Keating group.

The first two winners, "Novak Yakovic" and five-time former champion from Serbia, "Alkander Sanders", are the third in Germany. In the first set, 75% of players had 75% of their total points. You have 1 chance to win the Championship 6 times.
Roger Federer meets Shilis in the final. Wrexham lost 1, 1, won John Isner

Marin Chilch, ranked 5th in Croatia, USA & # 39; John Isner. Shisha won 7 victors, and Isis won 3 even though it was higher than 2 meters. While serving Asia, Chillie received 89 points in his first service. Chilch won 1, 5 times 4 out of John Isner, 6-7, lost the Tigers 2-7, 6-3,6-4, lost 1 time.
The results of the set ranked third in the ranking, while the last 8th finalist of Yakovits did not lose the set, while Novak Djokovic met with Isner when he lost two. round matches

Layton Fresh Join Fry Group Huawitt today on True Tennis HD channel 670. The first pair started at 21.00.

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