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National Tourist Attractions! Outdoor water pools, people are pouring the beauty of the emerald pool.


I'm not sure this is the case. Last month at the beginning of 2562 it was an international tourist attraction to open a cave. December 13, in front of the pavilion, a "Sergeant Sam" monument.

Sleeping water princess / In Khun Nam Nang on November 15th Tham Luang Forest Park – Khun Nam Nang Baan Mueang Wat 9, Pong Pha, Mae Sai, Chiang Rai Mr. Jongsorn Worapongsorn National Park Assistant General Manager Wildlife and Plants Nang is the head of the opening ceremony to visit the Nuun River. Public market, tourists by Khun Nam Nang and community. Lieutenant Bang Dej Bang Po Former Deputy Director of Chiang Rai, Mr. Kamol Chaikashcha Director of Conservation Management 15, Sn Bard arbitrary mix President of Tham Luang Forest Park – Khun Nam Nang Nuang Management and related institutions.Help the 13 wild boar crews captured in the cave for months. – June gr C past .. join

In the morning, a religious ceremony and the opening of the official sign of Nang Nuun. It was then open to the public to visit the Nang Nok waterfall with an emerald green area of ​​about 8 acres. After four consecutive months of restoration and reconstruction of the landscape due to heavy damage. Drilling, watering and diversion into the water.

Located approximately 2 km away during the rescue, the cave included golden sand caves adjacent to the hard to reduce the amount of water from the capital. The interior is nice and shady to impress tourists. Although the peasants arranged a 30 baht bus ride to get visitors from the village to visit every entrance to Nang Nuun 30 baht, but tourists can do so if you want to find a park and walk into it.

Mr. Jong says The authorities have now accelerated the rehabilitation and development of wetlands because the park is no longer local. However, it is an international level that people from all over the world will visit. This is the 46th National Games held in Chiang Rai from November 18th to November 28th and a tourist season. Or winter People ran into a cave where there were many incidents.

Mr. Jasmine said that there must be a side setting to adapt or alleviate. This is a place to sleep. Outside the landscape and the store, the community can manage themselves in the public market to carry to the point. A nanny in the park. However, nowadays, it is only a preliminary development, so it is possible to explore the caves in Khao Nam Khun Nam Nang and other nearby areas to be a new tourist center for further relaxation. Of course, there will be hundreds of visitors a year.

Mr. Jasmine told me again. For the cave capital. Right now the cave is closed. However, the outside of the pavilion was developed. Created by Chalermchai Kositpipat Chiang Rai National Artist and a team of talented artists. It is currently built at about 60 percent. Until the 13th of December, there will be a monument. Wing Commander or Sergeant Sam The life victim in the Luang cave was determined before the pavilion. In Service. The cave area near the cave is open to the public and tourists have touched. Knowledge of the cave. It is safe because the cave is only about 40 meters deep.

"The cave case will wait for the water to really dry out. It's been about a month. January – February I'll discover it. Then give the water and other information to the map. The section is open to visitors as much as possible." will use the same format as the waterfall. ş

In case of news stories about collecting parking fee for tourists. The head of the forest. Discuss with local leaders and know. Volunteer transportation is provided for convenience. The parking fee was not requested to collect tourists as well as exploited tourists to impress.

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