Monday , November 30 2020

“Muang Thai Insurance” is organizing the Partner of Pride event next year to increase sales through representatives.

Ms. Nualphan Lamsam Managing Director and Chief Executive of Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited or MTI announced that Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited or MTI is holding the Proud Partner seminar “Connect the Blue Heart” to open a platform to train sales representatives. Fully And business strategies have emerged for the agency channel that prepares sales to earn a profit above growth in 2021. To support the new Normal era or change in consumer behavior after the COVID-19 crisis And focus on working together between the old and the new generation

“Thailand faced the COVID-19 crisis in the past 2020. Until the pandemic affects the economic slowdown of the country, it can be considered to have high volatility and may not improve quickly. The last curve of this year has intentions and concerns about sales representatives in every channel of the company. “Connect the Blue Heart” to inform representatives about business operations that need to be adjusted to consumer behavior. And adopt the business strategy in 2021.

Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation, many businesses will experience price competition for business applications that will take place in 2021. This affects the overall profitability of the business and auto sales are expected to increase slightly in ’64. Which health insurance can be an alternative to consumers. Therefore, we see the importance of providing comprehensive information to agencies that are directly involved in their business. Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), Personal Data Protection Act, use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help manage and make accounting planning easier. And it provides information on targets and product instructions for both Motor and Non-Motor, including promoting the use of the Click-to-Sell system or online commerce.

Muang Thai Insurance focuses on working on a combination of the old and the new generation for representatives’ guidelines for managing their work for years to come. He must admit that the world society today is deteriorating in almost every way, so everyone of all ages will have to adapt even more to each other. This is why we care about all agent groups. Both groups that have long been a trade partner of Muang Thai Insurance. Some of you have sent a career to your kids, the other is a group of young people growing with technology. Having new ideas And coupled with consumer behavior tends to use digital more. Muang Thai Insurance Therefore, focus on development and preparation in the application of technology To facilitate all aspects Both in sales and agency service On this occasion I would like to give a good opportunity to advance a career in insurance sales. I am proud to be part of the Muang Thai Insurance family to help people in times of disaster, ”added Nang Nualphan.

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