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May-December True love was born before this Wednesday, Ryu-Yam, happy marriage!! Jiyeon, Jung Bom, the boy’s father!!!


May-December, true love is Wednesday, October 13th, Ryu-Yam is born before a wedding!! Jiyeon, Jung Bom, the boy’s father!!!

said to be a director who doesn’t let things go easy “Donut Manasan” So the bride and groom in the show “May– December, true love is born first NS “jamMathira Tantiprasut“RyuWachirawit Wattanaphakdeepaisan A typical couple will probably not walk in comfortably through the wedding door. Also, at this event, a close fight took place in the middle of the wedding. “Boom– Thanin Manoonsilp Stuck, why? Let’s go see.

is it the scene full (Ryu) where to know Table (Boom) he Yai Nuan (Tuk Yanee) it won’t take long decided to ask (jam) wedding piece May (Chrissy Krissiri) Threatened by the Appa Mafia Until Appa invades in the middle of the wedding and reveals that it was Ta who poisoned Dop Tam, shocking Granny Nuan and causing chaos at the wedding.

Stu, St. Shot in Topes, this scene is a huge set that includes most of the cast. In this scene, which is called a full model, a gorgeous hair design donut is blowing Jam, Yifu. As soon as Jam appears in front of the set, the actors are hilarious in their glory. As for Jiyeon, she’s just as cool. because he also brought his own hanbok to stage it. He started rehearsing, opened with his adult relatives from Ryu, Bom Mae Tuk, but it didn’t take long. Jiyeon then jumped up to show herself. Bom is the father of the unborn child and hugs Jae and doesn’t want to leave. sitting next to the bride as adults Chakrit blesses them both with heartfelt joy. To the flower-throwing queue, in this scene, Ping Pong, Jiyeon must be at the head of the big game where they both hire hundreds to play millions of real things. This made the donuts in front of the monitor laugh nonstop. But then the chaos started. Korean mafia oppa announced in the middle of the event when Bom is a drug addict. So in the middle of the event there was a drunken punch incident, the bomb hit the knee, fist, elbow and became disfigured. You can watch this scene. Wednesday 13 this is planting time 20.30 N. Channel 3 print 33 #May, December, true love is born first. #I am not old, I was just born first. #true love is born first

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