Wednesday , August 4 2021

International Muay Thai targets ‘Chatchhai Decha’ as coaching staff for 2024 Olympic Games

On the “Big Man” side, Somchai Poolsawat, team manager of Thai fist fights for the 2020 Olympic Games and technical head of the Boxing Association, said, “After the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan, the Boxing Association continues to prepare Athletes to participate in important competitions, especially the 31st SEA in Vietnam. Games. The competition, including international events, to create experience for fighters in the wake of the Covid-19 situation has been postponed to next 2022. It has calmed down.”

For the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France. It’s not much time. Because the 2020 Olympic Games have to carry the competition from the original. That’s just 3 years until the 2024 Paris Games, if the Thai boxing team wants to get a gold medal. More constant and ready preparation is required. In particular, we send them to participate in international competitions whenever possible so that everyone can take full advantage of the experience.”

“Also, he has the idea to shoot “Chao Sod” Chatchaidecha Butdee, a veteran boxer who is about to retire after finishing. He joins the “Tokyo Games 2020” coaching staff because “Chao Sod” is a talented fighter. He has rich experience in the international arena and young boxers. But it’s up to him whether to take care of it or not,” Big Chai finally said.

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