Thursday , September 29 2022

IKEA adds 2 new services – 600 items, 15% off


Daily Manager 360- Ikea has been completely poisoned by covids. The product cannot sell. Focus online with all its might. After reassuring customers to buy more products, the prices of the 600 products found were reduced by 15%, and IKEA Bang Yai, which recently piloted 2 new services “Circular Shop” and “Recycling Center”, was a first in Thailand.

Mr. Tom Suther, Store Manager of IKEA Bang Yai, announced that IKEA is one of its retail businesses. Especially during the closing period affected by COVID-19, the product cannot be sold in any way. both daily products and food groups. As a result, IKEA has adapted in many areas such as focusing on 100% online sales, especially food groups that must be sold in the form of delivery. and a 15% reduction in the price of products, currently more than 600 products, etc.

However, after returning to service as usual, since September 1, customers have responded and come to shop almost as much as the normal period before the Covid-19 outbreak. Sales are increasing, including tables, cooking utensils, interior storage kits, desks and household items. It is believed to be due to customers who see more of the importance of living at home. For this reason, products that meet the needs of living at home are sought more.

“The number of customers using the service during this period is close to when there was no Covid. A significant portion comes from customers who trust the management of the government sector. including vaccines reaching a relatively large population And IKEA itself has good safety measures. As a result, there are many customers using the service. It has been determined that there are new product categories that increase sales. However, it is considered reduced compared to the amount of expenditure per invoice. This is mainly due to IKEA’s price reduction. appropriate and customers are more cautious about their spending,” said Mr. Tom.

However, more recently, IKEA Bang Yai opened 2 new services, 1st Circular Store and 2nd Recycling Center, to meet the journey towards sustainable development commitment in 2030 and to encourage targeted IKEA customer engagement.Zero Waste creates sustainability and future generations for a better world.

A service for buying and selling IKEA furniture for the Circular Shop. It is a service that aims to build a community of IKEA lovers. Change the home decor inspiration. Next Ikea furniture Customers will receive IKEA gift cards for purchasing new furniture. IKEA then takes the item for repair or improvement. and bring them back to sell to customers looking for affordable products that are still useful. Maximize the benefits for both buyers and sellers, and most importantly, reduce waste for the world.

recycling center Convenient recycling point
IKEA invites everyone to help reduce their carbon footprint. for a cleaner world Use your reserved recycled waste for every 1 kg of recycled waste, including paper, plastic, aluminum and other metals, for IKEA Family Points. and when you accumulate 5,000 bonus points clear glass as required, you can redeem a 50 baht cash voucher for in-store purchases.

“Circular Shop Thai is one of the 5 following services from Sweden, the first of which was launched a year ago. IKEA Bang Yai recycling center is the first branch in the world to serve. Currently, more than 200 kilograms have been recycled as planned. Aiming to serve 10 pieces a day, circular store, recycling, IKEA currently accounts for 78% of waste from various processes. After that, this rate should increase to 83% after the recycling center is opened. Both these services will be opened to all branches in Thailand,” he said.

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