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I want to see a lottery. Amazing Wood with the age of God – old candy.

I want to see a lottery. Amazing Wood with the age of God – old candy.

November 13 Wat Lum Village, Moo 4, Wiang, Chiang Kham, Phayao Correspondent. A group of locals dressed in Thai Lue clothes. Flowers, candles, incense, worship. Under two tons of trees, about 50-70 meters in height, 7 trees are connected with a temple-grown tree. And create a wooden Buddha image. The most sacred and beloved place in the community. Another Thai Lue community supply in Chiang Kham district.

The villagers bring flowers, candles, incense and scavenger. When people see numbers they are called moi. That's kind of a thing. Some people have reached the stage. I can't believe the numbers are clear.

"The figure is synonymous with the engraved wooden god, 7 3 2. And according to the inscriptions of the temple, the age of the proper sugar is 273 years old. And even more strange when it comes to lorries. The number of visitors to the temple is 237 & # 39 ;. It also matches the numbers seen in the palm tree. Surprisingly, tourists and locals as well. "

Nan Nopichart Srikham, 68, a Thai citizen. New Apiwong's inscription written in Lanna language. The temple was first named Wat Champa and was later renamed Wat Tarn in 2209. In the name of God two carom and carved Buddha picture. This is a sacred community. Society nourishes and protects.

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