Monday , March 1 2021

I do not know what will I do. Dark Order Ordering!

I do not know what will I do. Dark Order Ordering!

Female students. Bodindecha crashed into a school of 3 motorcycles. Crash injuries fell on the ground There were sore throats and scratches on the legs of Soi Ladprao 69 near the school.

Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmueang (Bangkok) said Bangkok has a policy to keep motorcyclists on track. By ordering 50 district offices to monitor and tighten the violation of the law. The staff organizes their duties on a regular basis.

"I think the driver has to fix this behavior. Do not do this. I can not speak vulgarca It is also a dig, but digs a shovel, but it is very hard to dig, so people have to fix it with their morality. People who love to ride on the sidewalk Think about how to shoot your children. "If you drive on your own, you will feel it," said the Governor of Bangkok.

Her Majesty, Aswin, said you were coordinating with the police. We have a cooperation with Bangkok. The measure of Bangkok's passing regulations to control the driver on the sidewalk. Bangkok, which is not prohibited by the driver, did not aim to catch people. Due to low income. I don't want to increase the cost, but Bangkok should be just a social responsibility.

People who want to ride a bike on foot on foot are a crime under the law. Keeping the country in a clean and orderly manner in 1992 is a stub and adjustment that does not exceed 5,000. At a low of 500 Baht and such an action is also considered a clear social advantage.

Wang Thonglang Director Mr. Gomin Chinchit said there was space to check. Those who have not won a motorcycle in the area were found. But as a civil servant. I've compared the setting before. At the same time, 10 local officials were assigned on foot. Ladprao Road Especially school area. At the time of entry – And tighten to tighten the adjustment even more.

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