Thursday , July 29 2021

I do not know what to say.

It is an issue that socialists should pay attention to. After the heroin, Matinee, from Thailand, interviewed saying that he was working with the noble Songkran Teechanarong, but was not cordial with him because he did not consult with the gang. Whether the gang is really close to each other. Just come together for photo shoots. It also compares with gangs. I like a fairy with a fairy.

Young girl in front of the Tenth Poet Tee Mee Rak, one of the gang members. Join the press conference to start the project. Visit the secondary market at the front of the Siam Square Outside the Travel Frame.

Nattaporn Provides Natural

Ask a question about the gangs. Then the gang broke?
"We're still friends. I have no idea what's going to break. If not, I'm very confused.

How did Matt say we weren't close friends?
She said we weren't close friends, so Matt said we were friends. But he's got a lot of friends. Of course, each of us has to be friends with nature.

I do not know what to say. Did people interpret it?
"I didn't look like that. It's a good idea to look at it. I hope to be around the gang with all the good friends, cakes that feel like a cripple, so we don't care what anybody looks at. We know how we feel each other.

Many people seem to enjoy working together?
"It's all about it. Learn to go. It doesn't come to decide today or anything."

Sacred Mat Kearney

Have you talked to Matt?
"I'm talking in the group. I didn't get anything. News or news before normal. There is nothing to say other than apologize for the answer."

We're still pulling at him.
"No, I wasn't impressed at first. (We understand our friends, don't we?) Yes."

Will he have the chance to see you soon?
"Also, because it's too busy for me. He might not see each other.

Did you cheer me up?
"The first news takes courage."

Do we have any chance to meet Songkran?

Will there be a chance to meet?
"I already have. I have a chance to meet you."

With this news, people are watching us more. How do you feel?
“It was amazing to see a gang of freaks. Is it normal? I don't see what's serious. "

Furby's Gang

Verify that the gang is still the same?
"It's not really what you look at as a gang. We just got a new label.

Do people look like a fairy gang on the 2nd period?
"(Laughs) This is something we can't control.

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