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Find a young corpse puzzle Repeated head accident of the disease.

Great funeral career drove farmhouse to death paddle puzzle rice fields. First, investigators did not find any signs of war. Recurrent headache, head shock The body was diagnosed with death. As the relatives indicate, diarrhea, diabetes, pressure and cirrhosis are present in the disease. And ignore the cause of death.

On November 25 at midnight at 21:00. After the receipt of the Lt.Chaiyas Voravong, the Hundreds of Towns, the Kalasin Declaration, Tambon Ban Mai, Muang County, it was reported that there was no known cause in the hut in the middle of the rice farm in Kalasin, the supervisor was notified and went to inspect the scene. Kalasin City Police Police Officer Save the Turtle. And doctors at Kalasin hospital.

Scene at the country house on the west side of the house. Name, 35 Moo 1, Ban Khamin, Tambon Khamin, Amphur Muang, 47-year-old Mr. Phangphol Wattanawat living in Kalasin, Thailand. Scottish Shorts There is no sign of fighting from the surrounding area. And body control. First, we found broken wounds of the left eyebrow. Thrombosis is similar to fractures. There are many signs of wear on the body.

The 46-year-old wife asked by Mrs. Sompong Panavat died, she was a farmer. And crawl the steel carrying the truck. After returning from the grain, a ten-wheeled truck will be parked in the area. And he sleeps every night. On the day of the event, she called her husband to eat at 7:30 pm. Found her husband in the hut lying face down. And the blood is flowing. The so-called neighbors are helping. I don't think your husband is dead. Please inform staff to check. The husband was diagnosed with diabetes, pressure and cirrhosis.

Police said: hundreds of Chaiyawat Worawong Vassarage Muang Kalasin said the investigation of the incident could not find a war. And through space in the investigation. Along with relatives and neighbors. There's no connection to the murder. Because the dead had nothing to do with anyone and there were no enemies before. The cause of death is expected to occur from recurrent disease. Diabetes due to death of the disease, pressure and cirrhosis. This can cause dizziness, swinging, fainting, head injury, and death. The neck is soft. The doctor suspects a broken neck. This is an unnatural death. Even relatives are not interested in death. The officer will have a body to prove the cause of death. Before bringing his body back to his benevolent relatives after the religion.

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