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Fans of "Pranakan Naran" sneaked off the screen for 2 years as a trendless actress.

For young players not to worry about the fan club Prang-Kannarun Wongkajornlai Because after the theater previous presence husband and wife When it came to an end, there was no sign of seeing him again on the screen. Therefore, this event raises questions. But why doesn't he always do drama?

Last Marian Chong baby construction It turned out to explain that I still have 2 continuous dramas and it opens just after the end. The shooting is quite difficult because the previous presence husband and wife however this has not yet been published. The news also confirmed that it is not missing anywhere. But if someone misses, you can greet each other first on their Instagram

Looks like we've been away from the drama for a long time.
“Yes, there are 2 topics right now. Each one is very difficult. And I wish to be online soon. Because now that Bubsaniwat is over, it's gonna be two years now, you should be able to see it next year, Jan "

Do you think we disappeared from the screen?
"He disappeared from the screen, but I still have a chance to go to work."

Do many fans complain about disappearing?
"The complaint says that everyone is filming drama. But why aren't you online? That means it's hard to face the dramas that are filmed."

Don't you like
"No, no, don't follow Instagram (laughs)"

Did you ask why you let our dramas go so far from the channel?
"In fact, after the end of the drama, the next issue is the camera. But with each shot, the rhythm in the script is also slow, now there are many problems that need to be more careful. Everything is more difficult. Audience behavior has changed.

What are you shooting now?
"There's a story about a career with Wood Warit and a heart with Peter Corp on Montra"

Secretly wounded, only gone for two years?
"It didn't get hurt. Because things happened in the past, really, the past worked hard. But I tried to tell the audience to wait a bit. We're shooting."

The Buppe section is very famous, but when we left for a long time, people were thinking about it. Like a player without current trends?
"I feel that there are still events going on, so it made me feel like I disappeared.

How to get a job?
“The first thing is not to get into the drama. Because he couldn't accept some of the work he took to shoot 2 drama movies.

Don't you think the drama trend is gone?
“Yes, I'm still happy.”

IG: ladiiprangPrangkarnnarun and Tong to the boyfriend of Phi Phi.

Is love really happy?
"Happy (laughs). There is not much time to meet, but for a long time still happy. Look at each other, so he wants to send some pictures. Maybe I want to flaunt, I do not know (laughs)"

You already like unlocking the picture?
"To be honest, we're trying to do something natural. If it's not serious, then come down, there must be another one, it will disappear, people will feel we're not together. Meaning is not serious. Never sit and never have to solve things like that."

Do you still have a pair of pictures that don't appear together?
"Too much (laughs). Some pictures are kept enough."

Do you feel far enough to see each other for a long time?
"We always talk already. Just in the foreground, we stopped the midnight striker. Then it is still good to try to eat firsthand, find something to eat that will meet at midnight So he wants to put the picture

Will there be a plan to travel together?
“Probably after the New Year. Wait for about 10 days to see it overseas. Lock the tail for almost half a year. ”

Who is more difficult to find the queues?
"Shooting for a theater or event will be completed at 10:00. But it will start at 10:00 because it should make the meeting very difficult."

You have a problem over time?
"No, he's happy. Good. Some things went to see him. Stop, stop, watch.

Are you gonna stand up and take care of the girls?
"Oh no"

Really secretly possess?
"Looting is normal for him when he gets out. He wants to go and see him, always invite him, but sometimes we are tired."

How did you feel when the girls approached him?
"Well, the fans are cute."

Singers are often watched for flirting. What's he doing to trust us?
Iz We need to trust him, too. Other than that, we must honor ourselves, trust us, and we cannot go unless we trust us. "

Is it hard to be a fan of this fiery artist?
Orum I don't want to (smile). He's worried about us too. But he never went to look at the pile, didn't let him go (laughing), didn't come over, didn't know, didn't say anything to him when there was a love scene, he asked. Because if he doesn't really watch, if something happens, tell him the script. Nothing I understand (smiles) "

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