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Extension of Kulpapapruek Road, 6 lanes, 26% will be completed by the end of the year 62


November 6, 2018 Tuesday

Department of Rural Roads (THL) Kalapapruek Road construction. The distance of Kanchanapisek – Ratchapruek Road is 7,602 kilometers, which will increase the capacity of the Kalpapruek Road. Especially, the distribution of traffic outside the city in heavy traffic. Improve road life Help solve the flood problem, support the growth of the city in the future. Promoting the economy and supporting the connection to the Green Line Taxi – Bang Wa.

Mr. Pichakit Viriyavasin Director General of Rural Roads Currently, the Kalapapruek Road has four traffic lanes (roundtrip) with the starting point on the Kanchanapisek Road. (Western Ring Road) will end in Ratchapruek Road in the park. The construction of the bridge at the intersection of Sukaphiban 1 and Khon Kaen Road was completed. Can solve the traffic problem at a certain level. However, due to the expansion of real estate development. As a result, there is a traffic jam during rush hours. Especially at the junction of the park. (Kalapapruek Road Interchange from Ratchapruek Road)

Therefore, it is necessary to extend the Kalapapruek path from 4 lanes to 6 lanes (back and forth). Construction asphalt is concrete traffic. Ready to install drainage system. And pedestrian also improve the lighting. And the current traffic increases efficiency. The project has progressed more than 26% currently under construction. And the sand ladder behind the drain to prepare the pavement. The cost of construction is estimated at 476 million baht, which is expected to be completed in late 2019.

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