Thursday , February 25 2021

Double cabin racing, powerful showdown Loses the principle, glides along the central island and crashes into a full van.

Double cabin racing, strong show The principle has been lost and the center flew over the island, crashed into a hail minibus, knocked down the hood, the driver put out The girlfriend sat in serious pain. Seller tells about exciting moments

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At 22:00 on January 27th. Lieutenant Colonel Natthawan Wiengnon Police Station (Investigation) The Nong Khaem Police Station received a report of a car accident, deaths and injuries on Petchkasem Road at the entrance of Soi 116/4 in Bangkok, Nong Khaem District, Nong Khaem District. Rescue Service of Siriraj Hospital and Ruam Şükran Foundation

The incident was found on an island in the middle of the road.Race car Nissan Skyline, white, registration 4 PW 5459 Bangkok Front body condition deteriorated. The hood blew up on the sidewalk. The driver’s seat found the body. Mr. Natthawat Sornthanapiwat 35-year-old, a business owner selling second-hand cars over the Internet He had a broken wound on his face The trunk was pressed against his chest by the console. Officers had to use a tool to get the body out of the car As for the girlfriend in the sofa next to the name Mrs. Khemmika Pannngew 26 years old, injured, broken arm, rescued, urgently sent Wichai Vejomnoi Hospital for medical assistance

When it comes to parties, it’s a car driving in the opposite direction on Petchkasem Road. Which is the oppositeWhite Toyota Commuter van, Hong Kong 1783, Bangkok registered The right side of the body is damaged. Honda City sedan, bronze, gold, Kong 2474, Suphanburi registration Running from the back of the van and hit from the front bumper, slightly damaged

examine Honda City Sedan Owner Recounted the incident In Phutthamonthon Sai 4, I’m driving home from the back of the truck. On the far right road At the time of the accident, the car of the deceased passed across the central island from the incoming side of the Petchkasem Road. The dead car that crashed in front of the van was dragged back to the island in the middle of the road. He was lucky enough to hit the brakes and suffered little damage.

Fish maw woman On Petchkasem Road, the outgoing side Said saw the events Before the accident, the sound of the deceased car was heard, the loud sound of the machine being shaken many times at the intersection of Phutthasakhon. It is about 1.5 kilometers from the scene, but is not sure whether the race is driving anyone to come.

Until he got to the front of the shop, it was seen that the deceased car was dead, climbed onto the island in the middle of the island and hit the van until the hood slid over the path. The deceased car stopped completely on the central island. After that, a good citizen informed the rescuers to help the wounded.

Initially, the investigator will not report any charges to anyone. You have to wait for other cars to check the CCTV cameras of the shop in that area. He also awaits the symptoms of the injured, both the deceased’s girlfriend and the van driver, before meeting to investigate the root cause.

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