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CP: Chatchawan Chearavanont Pay 5 billion Baht to purchase Fortune Magazine

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CP: Chatchawan Chearavanont Fortune Magazine – Pay 5 Billion Baht to Buy BBC Thailand

Chatchawan Chearavanont, senior vice president of Charoen Pokphand Group Dhanin Chearavanont's nephew in the United States Get a Fortune magazine with about 5 billion baht for private investment. Targeted as the world's leading business media brand.

An article by Andrew Nucka on the Fortune website says that Iowa's Meredith in Des Moines was announced Friday. The Company, Sumat Chearavanont (brother), son of Chatchawan Chearavanont, agreed to sell Fortune Media Group Holdings, a subsidiary of Fortune Media Group Holdings Limited worth US $ 150 million. Mr. Dhanin is in charge of Charoen Pokphand Group's work in Indonesia. The largest group of companies in Thailand is a special investment in Operation Mr. Chatchawan. This year is expected to be completed.

Charoen announced the staff of Pokphand Group to the BBC. The process is not related to Charoen Pokphand Group. But this is a special purchase.

Meredith received $ 1.8 billion in January, or $ 5.95 billion two months later, in January. The company announced it. Timex sells some of the oldest brands such as Time, Fortune, Money and Sport Illustrated. Time magazine then sold to Salesforce and Lenne's wife, Mark Benin, for $ 190 million, or $ 6.28 billion.

Forbes reports the Chearavan family. The fourth richest family in Asia. Charoen is one of the world's largest feed and livestock producers owned by the Pokphand Group. Until 2017, ownership increased by $ 9 billion or $ 298 billion, partly due to the value of shares held in Ping An ($ 1.5 billion). Ping An) Increased insurance company in China. Bond yields and earnings increase.

CP: Chatchawan Chearavanont

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Alan Murray will continue as president and become the general manager of Fortune magazine. After Mr. Chatchawan is sold to Chearavanont

Forbes defined the business of the Chearavan family. In 1921, Mr. Jia Jiaqi and his two brothers, Mr. Kongjaroen Chearavanont, began when he opened a shop selling imported seeds to Thai farmers from China. Mr. Dhanin, led by Mr. Dhanin, is Mr. Dhanin, son of Mr. Jia Zhang, senior president. After holding the President and Chief Executive Officer for 48 years in January last year, Mr. Dhanin gave it to Mr. Soopit. His 53-year-old son Supachai, president and 50-year-old son, succeeds in him.

Mr. Dhanin's brothers, including Mr. Dhanin, Mr. Charan, Mr. Montri, Mr. Sumet and Mr. Dhanin

Mr. Sumet's son, Chatchawan. In this statement. "Our vision is to make Fortune a global business media brand. Accessible and relational to the world Demand for high quality business information is growing. And yet, we are committed to investing in and working on a major journalism technology. We believe it will grow. And business activities. "

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Fortune holds several annual conferences, including the Global Forum and the Most Powerful Women's Summit.

Fortune Magazine One of the world's top 100 Fortune 500 companies or the world's top 500 companies, the world's strongest 100 companies, is known as one of the world's most powerful women. The World's Most Powerful Women, The World's Most Admired Companies, etc. There are also several annual conferences, including the Global Forum. Positive impact of Women Summit in the World (The Strongest Women Summit).

Fortune president Alan Murray will continue to serve as President. And the CEO of Fortune Magazine will be in the water. This statement by Mr. Murray after Mr. Chatchawan has been sold. "We are delighted to have a Fortune owner. Believe in the mission, appreciate the independence of the editor, we want to invest in our journalism work. And think about Fortune. It is a leading brand that provides business information and information worldwide."

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