Thursday , January 21 2021

Beautiful and expensive Tak Bongkot in Thai dress Ms. Magnate’s style attended Toon-Koi’s wedding.

He’s already put his hand to the wedding door for a few young rockers Toon Bodyslam Or Toon Athiwara Khongmalai with a young actress lover Koi Ratchawin The marathon couples, who have been in love for 10 years, held a heartwarming wedding at the Athenee Hotel Bangkok on November 28, until they finally found a good mood. Full of love and fun according to the theme ‘Fun fair A theme chosen by P Toon himself Because we see that a wedding is a ceremony to bring friends and loved ones together. And the amusement park is a happy place every time we go. That’s why I want everyone attending the event to be happy with both.

But before the evening became a celebration, Sabah, the engagement and wedding ceremony were held according to Thai tradition. Among friends and relatives who come to warmly congratulate each other Which of course Cousins ​​in order of honor like a player Tak-Bongkot Benjarongkul I did not miss to come and congratulate the newlyweds. Moreover, this event is still very heavy, my face is full of clothes. Every inch is delicious, beautiful. It looks great. Even older actors like Kik Suwajani praised “Nong Krai is beautiful, Jung ❤️”. “My dear sister said. Young, beautiful” ️ “How beautiful will it be? Finish, don’t wait. Let’s go and prove it better!

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