Saturday , December 5 2020

"Aircraft Ion" sprang up without any tracks to move the world's first aircraft – BBC News

Ion pressure is a concept that has existed for decades. It was recently recently developed and renovated.Image copyright


Ion pressure is a concept that has existed for decades. It was recently recently developed and renovated.

A group of researchers and engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) can run the prototype of an Ion wind propeller. This will lead to the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft.

MIT has achieved such a success. The article states that the plane is the world's first solid-state plane that can fly with a hard frame. No parts should act like an airplane. But I live with the power of the ion. Instead of a regular jet engine.

Fundamentals of ionizing principles. Electro-aerodynamic (EAD) with 40,000 volt high voltage electrode at the head of the plane. It creates an electric field which causes the charge of nitrogen molecules in the atmosphere to be positively charged. Then the charged molecules pass through the wires to the aerofoil at the rear, which captures the negative charge.

The positive load moves towards the rear of the plane. It will collide with neutral air molecules. This forces the air molecules to move backwards at high speed. Ion is the wind that sends power.

On the MIT prototype The distance between the two wings can be up to 5 meters and the weight up to 2.45 kg can be up to 60 meters.

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The "solid state plane" of the MIT can fly without moving parts.

Leader researcher and researcher, Steven Barrett said. Ion thrusters have been a concept that has existed since the 1920s, and NASA has been involved in space research for nearly a decade. But it ended up finally. This system has a high potential for deployment to the spacecraft. However, it is not effective enough to be used on aircraft in the world.

But Prof. Barrett took this idea into consideration. In the last five years the ion for the aircraft has been developed.

Even today, the prototype is still small. The pressure is not the same as the jet. I can't fly away. However, the team believes it can be developed in the short term as high flying drones. Used to change the satellites silently for years.

In the long run. The team believes it can be developed as a fuel-efficient transport aircraft. It does not release carbon into the Earth's atmosphere. This is one of the problems of the aviation industry today.

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