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“Ai Ae” Den Cook’s rich history killed the factory girl’s throat. Anne Chae’s brutal act


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17 September 2021 12:45

“Ai Ae”, a ruthless murderer – a rich history “Mother” who slits the throat of a factory girl in Rayong, the police reveal that she used a knife to stab her stepfather 10 years ago while finding the date. sentenced to prison “attempted murder case” in 2013

From the incident where 50-year-old Mr. Udon Thanma or Ae from Ban Dung District, Udon Thani Province killed Ms. Nam Tayon (surname reserved), a 23-year-old factory girl in Rayong province. After stealing a motorcycle, the deceased drove away. The incident occurred on September 6th. already in the news

Today (September 16), reporters went to Udon Thani province, Ban Dung district, Srisuttho sub-district, Ban Sri Burapha, Village No. 12, house number 287 and interviewed her 82-year-old mother, Ms. Buala Chanthasen. The perpetrator of the murder of a factory girl, Mr. Udon.

Saying that she has 7 children, 2 of which are girls and 5 of which are “Mr. Udon”, Ms. Buala said that the perpetrator, nicknamed “Ae”, is the 4th child. Our family is not a wealthy family. He harvested vegetables and was hired to make sausages to sell while all the other children had families. Now she lives with her youngest son and her new husband. because the ex-husband is dead As for Mr. Udon, he had a wife but he died. but before she was with him but because he was an angry person who loved to hurt his family After that he fled to do mercenary. That’s why he didn’t care.

Ms. Buala continued that about 10 years ago, Mr. Udon assaulted her stepfather while he was asleep. Sitting on a knife, stab until the guts run out. Then he was not at home. Hearing the news that he had fled to be appointed, the police later caught him and took him into custody. He remembered that he spent 4-5 years in prison and then went out and went to the priesthood again. Until you become the abbot Today again find out the news that a factory in Rayong went to kill the girl’s throat

Ms. Buala added that she did not know what to say as a mother. he was hurting himself until an angry man had to jump out of the window because the son often kills He likes to hold knives and sticks, to anger people around him. Knowing the news but playing drugs but I don’t know any drugs This boy said he didn’t obey. The part that killed that person asked if it hurt. I’m sorry, but it depends on the staff. This kid said he never listened, from little to old.”

On behalf of Mr. Petchsamorn Phimachai, 52, Mr. Udon’s stepfather said that Udon knew his mother more than 10 years ago and then lived together. As for Mr. Udon Zhuangthang’s reason, it was because he thought that Mr. Udon had killed his chicken. The day it happened while he was sleeping, he took the Knife and sat astride it, stabbing it all over his body until his intestines leaked. Tab hit his left eye almost blindly. He miraculously survived in the end. He then fled to be appointed. But in the end, the police caught him, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison, he received two pardons for 4-5 years in a row, his rank was released. As for the murder of a person in Rayong province, it is considered a crime committed by him. Anyway, let’s move on to karma.

Meanwhile, Ban Dung Police Station Inspector Pol Col Jamorn Andee said that the police invited Ms. Buala to confirm if he is Udon’s real son. Mr. Udon was arrested by the police at Ban Dung Police Station on the following charges: “Attempting to kill stepfather” in 2013, he was sent to prison, then acquitted, went to the priesthood again. Until recently, a factory in Rayong province, as mentioned, committed the killing of a girl’s throat.

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