Saturday , February 27 2021

Afire! Open 5, Terrible Bukit Jalil, Battle of the Malian Army

Malaysia national stadium Bugis Open 5 reasons for Jalalin Stadium Elephants are an area in which the national team of Thailand fights for confrontation.

1. Maximum capacity in ASEAN: Bukit Jalil National Stadium, the most visited stadium in ASEAN, believes that 87,411 people are the first game. The elephant battle turned towards the yellow side that surrounds it. The national colors of Malaysia.

2. Full capacity to buy Malay Cheers tickets: The news came out earlier. Malaysian fans flock a lot to buy a 87,000 seat ticket to prepare the national anthem in their country, creating a frenzy for the players. And this may cause some war elephants to feel tense. This time we played in the field.

3. Meet the latest Thai: Thailand National Team 's last match of 20 December 2014 in the two-day final match against Malaysia & # 39; in this match, this game 2-3 defeat before the 0-3 after the elephant battle. Thailand wants revenge but this is not easy.

4. Malaysia is more familiar with Thailand: Thailand has a better-looking potential player or consultant. But being a Malaysian host, it's a bit Thailand advantage. Training ground every day. Full capacity including fans. It will complicate Thailand again.

5. Avoid refereeing: If you find a good director to survive, I have a good result with the decision of the 50/50 coup. Fair play fair. But if you see the referee leaned on when he is the landlord. There are problems after the game.

First Suzuki Cup semi-finals. The national team of Malaysia will compete in Thailand on 1 December 1945 with the national team of Thailand.

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