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5 players to increase the form


5 players to play the form of combined players

Manchester United will slowly recover from the worst. But apparently the win for the first four is still in a difficult situation. Therefore, the "Red Army" students began to worry about the long-term success of the team.

What makes Manchester United go back to work is to make a good shot to add to the army. It is not uncommon to look at the many players who will help bring out the. Red Devils aya of Jose Mourinho.

For the list of players, the team of "Mui Mui" wants to attract the team if Manchester United has to tell them that they have the right to go further than quarter to win. Quota for playing the UEFA Champions League course.

1. U Straw Deme
The French national team is only 21 years old and has a good goal this season with six goals beak and two assists in the last 14 games. Because of his playing style proved to be useful for Manchester United, he could be in the wing position to replace Alexis Sanchez because he can not do this job with the Chilean star. Good

Of course, the game may be a decisive weapon. And at this point there are losses in Manchester United, because Dembele was not only superior in the duel with one-on-one opponents. It also has the potential to pull sharp-edged doors.

5 players to play the form of combined players

He started an election for world champion Jose Mourinho, as he played alongside Poole and Benoît Marseille on both sides of his wings. Of course, these three people together to make the "red devil" harder.

Barcelona reported that Notre Dame will be called on to find a new club in the winter market in January, and that Manchester United will be bored by Liverpool. Chelsea and Arsenal looked at a situation that was not too bright.

2. Antoine, Greece
Antoine Mönchengler was considered one of the best actors of his generation. And he proved it many times. They're shaking when their playmaker duel with blood. Because he's full of talents. And in addition to speed, it is important that the capabilities of Manchester United are incomplete, so be creative in the final field.

5 players to play the form of combined players

Romelu Lukaku is in a bad form and Manchester United needs a new fork. Of course, Greece matches well with "Hammer" plans because the player can move down to wait for the ball. Help your teammates also be ready to become a cool gun at the back in the garden.

Atletico Madrid is now one of the favorites that won the Baltimore Braves this year. France won the 2018 World Cup, in the past it was the goal of Greece's "Red Devils" and Real Madrid, but the player chose to extend the contract with "Bear" for 5 years. However, Manchester United players are ready to spend money to tear it apart.

3. Alessio Roman Yule
Mourinho wants to join a staff of current supporters, including Chris Smalling, Eric Bowie, Phil Jones and Mar in the Italian middle class of AC Milan. Gorosho seems to be a great Portuguese. I'm not happy with your form right now.

5 players to play the form of combined players

Yule is a long player for Alessio Roman. And the Premier League quickly. His body is strong. This is a complete comeback in the game Serie A, "Red Devil" to match the game on the 124 & # 39; Look at Starbucks blood marshmallows in this winter traders market.

4. Mauro Iardi
"Red Devils" hopes that Mourinho's market players will have a sharp sharp loss on January 2nd. I hope to change the ball that looks like a shark rusty island so far it hasn't written the words "knock the door".

It is difficult to win in winter. And looking around, there are no better players than Mauro, who scored six goals in the league this season. It is also important to help your teammate twice.

5 players to play the form of combined players

This is not just hopeless hope, because Manchester United has reports ready to throw money. Join the team as soon as possible by Argentina.

For Manchester United, this is the label that plays for Isardi, so the club's head is ready to tear 110 million euros (about 4,400 million). Although Manchester United tries to use both money and talk to convince Inter to publish in August, this will be really difficult.

5. Aaron Ramsey
I don't want to lose anyone! Manchester United is one of the winning clubs for Aaron Ramsey to run without a penny. Players have clearly stated that a new contract with Arsenal will not be a free player at the end of this season.

5 players to play the form of combined players

For now, Manchester United is not the best league table in the city. The performance of the team since the game builder, the striker is an obsession, so it gives a stronger power to the team because "hey" want a player to strengthen an army like Ramsey. Or maybe it has the potential to self-squeeze.

If the Pope decided to release him from Old Trafford Ford, he had to sign with Mourinho Shin and prepare to flee. avoid I have a godfather. The technique may not even be high. But it's tight to say the game can count on this player.

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