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& # 39; Parker & # 39; broke a new record next to the sun


Images from NASA

October 29 in the United States at 13.04 local time "Parker Solar Probe" NASA's National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Make new statistics close to the sun as close as possible to human discoveries so far. Under US-Germany cooperation, the original Helios 2 spacecraft built at a distance of 42.73 million km exceeded the spacecraft. 1976 April

Parker's Solar Propulsion also set the speed record for the Helix 2, which accelerated at 246,960 km / h (246,960 km / h). Such a course. And set to break more statistics in the near future.

Parker was sent from Cape Canaveral, Florida on August 12th. When the target is reached after 78 days, it is planned to stand on the sun for a total of 24 laps at a close distance which will get even closer with each passing lap as the last lap is around 2025. Parker is only 6.16 million km from the surface of the sun and will sail towards the maximum speed of the sun. Estimates of spacecraft at 690,000 km / h speed.

Parker Solar Probes are made of special carbon compounds. It destroys all exploration devices on the ship to prevent heat and radiation from the sun.

The purpose of discovering the sun. The central answer of the solar system is to find. The outer atmosphere of the sun called "corona" is much higher than the star's surface temperature. And find the answer. At exactly the speed of the solar wind it acts as catalyst acceleration.

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