Thursday , January 21 2021

Why the US is targeting the mainland everywhere Scientists explain key: The situation will change in 10 years – Cross-Strait-China Times

From the trade war to the science and technology war between China and the United States, relations between the two have clearly deteriorated. As for why the US is targeting China everywhere, Ding Yixian, associate professor at Kaohsiung University and head of the Department of Information Management, said that It analyzes that China realized it will become a major problem in the future. If a powerful country does not act now, it will be even harder to deal with mainland China in 10 years.

Before the November 3 elections, Trump gradually increased tensions with issues such as the new royal epidemic, Hong Kong’s national security law, Huawei, and the economy and trade, making the public feel the threat of the “Chinese Communist Party”, pushing identity politics to extremes, and China and the United States. States did. The relationship has gradually created a conflicting situation under Trump’s rule.

According to the China Review News Agency, Ding Yixian said the reason the United States targeted China everywhere was because they predicted that the US would be more difficult to deal with the mainland 10 years later if it did not take action, hence a sense of urgency. He stated that after the mainland proposed the “One Belt One Road” policy, it gradually formed a defiant stance against the USA and that the USA would not allow such a situation to occur. In addition, the recent escalation of tensions between China and the US has also been affected by the US elections. To boost the public opinion, Trump frequently played “anti-China cards”.

Ding Yixian pointed out that in the current game between China and the United States in Asia, the situation in the South China Sea is even more favorable for the U.S. As the expansion of the mainland in the South China Sea puts pressure on neighboring countries, many countries are gradually moving to the United States. and even though the Southeast Asian countries are “Belt and Road”, we have benefited from the policy, but we still need to observe the future dynamics of the countries and whether they will choose to cooperate with the mainland after the end of the policy.

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