Saturday , May 21 2022

Thanks Wu Jianheng, Huang Zi hopes peace is the most precious “Don’t be my enemy” – udn shut up!star news


  1. Acknowledging that he is Wu Jianheng, Huang Zijiao hopes peace is the most important thing “Don’t be my enemy”shut up!star news
  2. Wu Jianheng criticized Huang Zijiao for not being seriousYahoo News
  3. Exclusive / Huang Zijiao criticized for broadcasting non-serious! The “true killer” accused of key exposure by Wu JianhengGlorious News Network
  4. Huang Zijiao criticized for “taking radio broadcasts seriously”shut up!star news
  5. Huang Zijiao was criticized for being the publisher and not being serious and sending a long article to shout out injustice, “He is the culprit of the speech.”
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