Saturday , June 25 2022

Shanxi halt flood mining exacerbates energy crisis, China’s coal prices hit new high


  1. Shanxi’s cessation of flood mining intensifies energy crisis, China’s coal prices reach new highFree Finance
  2. We were told that “we need to do a good job supplying electricity and protect people’s lives”. Heavy rain directly paralyzed the coal supply of 60 mines… The spread of China’s electricity rationing crisis also damaged the stock market!Yahoo News
  3. Is there a power rationing crisis in Taiwan, where there is no electricity on the mainland when there is no coal? | Industry Analysis | Member Area | Economic DailyEconomic Daily
  4. China’s coal prices hit record highs, power outages continue and the economy worriesFree Finance
  5. Coal prices soar in China and power cuts hit economyYahoo News
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