Monday , November 30 2020

Shadow / "Korean Yu once a week!" Vegetable farmer's anger: Wu Yining only viewed on television | Politics | NOWnews Today News

Z Zhang Zhongmou in an interview
Korean "Korean Yu once a week!" Vegetable farmer rage: "Wu Yining just watched on TV!" (Photo / NOWnews photo)

The price of the Korean cabbage fell sharply, and one was hardly sold for 10 yuan, which complained about the farmer. Chen Jizhong, vice-president of the Agriculture Committee, said that the price of vegetables did not fall and that the cabbage could be harvested 6 or 7 times a year, so that Yunlin argued that the vegetable farmers 7 had an avalanche and a stable price and hit the building Tarım. Acid Chen Jizhong "can get the Nobel Prize in the agricultural sector!" In addition, a week ago, according to Wu Yining, the previous Korean Yu "only saw on television" said.

Yunlin Cai Nonglin Jiaxin, in the "Key Time" program, said that South Korea Yu is a non-typical political figure, a real person, and can hear the voice of the villagers. "When Korea is in the world, help us make a brand, I just need to be good. By doing this, going to the auction, getting good benefits and income.

Lin Jiaxin, referring to Wu Yinning, in the past, said that the Korean Yu is possible once a week. Also, it will bring us a large number of auctioneers to learn and understand, the next second is on television "Wu Yinning? Wu Yining He was going to take it. Come to him! ? And did he questioned whether Wu Yining did practical things? "We didn't see Wu Yining, I didn't see the general manager of Beinong! But the Beinong and Xiluo fruit and vegetable market are mixed up."

Lin Jiaxin stressed that the DPP does not want to change the control of these imported vegetables. Why is that? Because of the great political and commercial relationship behind! Great interests! Iz Inadequate imports, now leading Taiwan's agriculture to the world, but preventing exports, Tayvan We do not have this market. Does the government want to go back and protect the farmers? Korumak It's very easy to ask.

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