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Perfect integration of blood sugar monitoring! Eli Lilly brings Roche and 4 other biotech pharmaceutical factories to improve diabetes management | GeneOnline News

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2020 statistics, there are 34.2 million people in the United StatesdiabetesIt makes up 10.5% of the US population. Diabetics who do not use insulin in time to control their blood sugar status can lead to hospitalization, kidney disease, and even death.

However, for patients using insulin pen needles and manually monitoring doses, recording insulin dose is often a difficult management problem.

Eli Lilly teams up with 4 biotech pharmaceutical factories to integrate diabetes management software and platforms

On May 6, Eli Lilly decided to collaborate with Dexcom, Glooko, myDiabby Healthcare and Roche to integrate blood glucose detection software and platforms, hoping to collect accurate and real-time data to improve the condition and care of diabetic patients.

Eli Lilly’s disposable insulin pen needle Tempo Pen and drug detection device Tempo Smart Button, Dexcom continuous blood glucose monitoring equipment, Glooko digital platform, myDiabby Healthcare’s diabetes management platform and Roche MySugr application software, including software platforms of these companies or to allow the collection and sharing of personal health data to be integrated with their medical equipment, etc.

Market dynamics

Dexcom previously partnered with Eli Lilly to integrate continuous blood glucose monitoring equipment with insulin pen needles and pumps and to jointly promote and market fast-acting insulin and blood glucose sensors.

Roche had previously partnered with Novo Nordisk to link its mySugr Journal with insulin pen needles NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus. In addition, Roche integrated the insulin pump Accu-Chek Insights with Diabeloop’s monitoring system.

Glooko completed its $ 30 million Series D funding this year to encourage the launch of its diabetes remote monitoring platform, expand the commercialization of its products in clinical trials, and push it into new therapeutic areas.

myDiabby provides a personal management APP for diabetic patients and provides remote medical services.

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