Friday , November 27 2020

Open back pain, sciatica ~ Expert: This chair can sit for a long time | Zhang Xuanbin |

Zhang Xuanbin
Wooden bench

Do you have such a habit? Do you like sitting on a low bench at home while watching TV or watching? Not even sitting for hours? The Spinal Nerve reminds that it is not easy to sit down on a low bench for a long time, it is not easy to bend the lumbar vertebrae and pelvis backwards, it also causes abnormalities in the curve of the spine, narrowing the pelvis and causing back pain and sciatica!

What is the problem of sitting on a low bench? Expert: Key, index is higher than the waist and hips and kyphosis is easy to infuse.

But why is it easy to warn the above problems when sitting on a low bench? Zhang Xuanbin, Ph.D., from the American Journal of Chiropractic, stated that the act of sitting on a low bench would cause the body to be in a position above the hip. If you continue to maintain this position for a long time and do not pay attention to the sitting posture, it can lead to problems with the vertebrate spine and intervertebral disc and pelvic tilting as much as possible.

In the long term it is not only easy to find the symptoms of low back pain, but also because the hip bone is higher than the waist and hips, causing problems such as pelvic tilt and disc herniation, even the human intervertebral discs protrude backwards and are clamped between the vertebrae. The pressure, severity, of the lumbar nerve roots that result in frustrating sciatica cannot be taken lightly!

Therefore, if the conditions permit and you want to sit properly and healthy, Zhang Xuanbin suggested that the public remember a chair with a chair and a chair with a high degree of height (easy to sit on the ground and easy to touch) and remember the principle of 3 right angles. It is safer to maintain a good sitting position:

▶ Right angle principle 1:The knees at the thigh and thigh junction should be perpendicular to 90 degrees.

▶ Right angle principle 2:The feet are placed flat on the ground and the heel is 90 degrees from the ground and parallel to the thigh.

▶ Right angle principle 3:The backrest is attached to the back of the seat and the back is protected backwards by about 90 to 100 degrees.

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