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Netizens exposed the "Top Sexuality Food Top3"! Professionals with 9 content … effects better | ETtoday Health Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud

Couple, sleeping, both sexes. (Figure / Da Zhi / Schematic)
Net Netizensin I want to know what to eat. (Figure / Da Zhi / Schematic)

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On the Internet, by eating rumors and eating oysters, you can increase the spirit, increase your sexual desire and drink some wine overnight. To verify the credibility of the statement, the Japanese adult product brand TENGA launched a survey of Japanese women and women to understand what they thought could improve the people's sexual desire, and interviewed nutritionist Matsuda Maki, even though there was no food that directly cured sexual desires. The three important aspects of abilir increasing your soul,, önemli antioxidant dolaşım and karşı improving blood circulation ”can increase your sex life satisfaction!

To discuss whether foods really affect sexual desire, TENGA met with 200 Japanese men and women and voted for food and drinks to increase their sexual desire. According to statistics, the Japanese people think that food that promotes sexual desire is 1, that the food that makes the body energetic (65%) and meat 2 and 3 are meat and spicy food. In addition, in the promotion of sexual desire drinks, the beer won the championship (44%).

"There is no food or content that can directly increase sexual desire, but it is certain that many foods help improve sexual function and increase desires," said nutritionist Matsuda Shinji. Among these, "nutrients", "antioxidants" and "nutrients" have the most important influence on sexual function and libido. He also added that sexual stress is limited by many factors, such as excessive stress, low metabolism, and poor blood circulation, thus allowing the human body to swallow relevant nutrients.

According to the three main points recommended by nutritionist Matsuda Shinji, separate the relevant nutrients and recommended substances:

Key 1: Increasing nutrients

● tryptophan

Tryptophan is the main component of the body's serotonin production, and "serotonin" is a neurotransmitter in the brain, particularly associated with mood regulation.
Recommended materials: fish

● theobromine

Theobromine is a food that can relieve tension. In addition, theobromine has a caffeine-like effect, such as rapid heartbeat and vasodilatation, so it is also called "aphrodisiac for love".
Recommended materials: chocolate

● arachidonic acid

During the decomposition of arachidonic acid, a certain part of "arachidonic acid will be converted to ethanolamine", which is called a "happy hormone", which makes people feel full of emotional, happiness and vitality.
Recommended materials: beef

▲ Cattle contains arachidonic acid, which can be converted to "happy hormone". (Figure / TENGA bid, same below)

Key 2: Foods with antioxidant effects

● Cocoa polyphenols

Cocoa polyphenols are well-known antioxidant nutrients that prevent skin aging caused by "reactive oxygen" and help improve beauty.
Recommended materials: chocolate

● Astaxanthin, vitamin D

Astaxanthin has an antioxidant activity equal to five times the beta carotene, 1000 times the vitamin E and 6,000 times the amount of vitamin C. Generally used as a component in cosmetics and beauty foods. In addition, vitamin D helps secrete growth hormones to combat aging.
Recommended materials: squid

● Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and one of the most important antioxidants.
Recommended materials: olive oil

▲ Olive oil has antioxidants – Vitamin E

Key 3: Foods that increase blood circulation

● alisinin

Allicin can increase the body's body temperature and, even if taken in small amounts, can improve circulation of the bloodstream and increase metabolism effectively.
Recommended materials: garlic

● Capsaicin, shogaol

The program is the same as allisin.
Recommended materials: pepper, ginger

▲ Chili can improve blood circulation.

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