Thursday , June 24 2021

“MLB” Cole rises in 8K, Sanchez blasts useless Yankees to get the first lossless Times News

  1. “MLB” Cole rises in 8K, Sanchez hits useless Yankees and gets first defeatLiberty Times Electronic Bulletin
  2. Pitcher nightmare! Top 5 of the most violent fights in the major leagues this seasonYahoo Sports
  3. Yoo Hyun-jin started out with 5.1 innings and lost 2 points in the opening match. The Blue Jays playoffs have nothing to do with the Yankees.Taiwan Apple Daily
  4. MLB / Cor is good at hitting the line but stuck in the Yankees opening matchUDN United News Network
  5. Big hit Yoo Hyun-jin smashes white Yankees’ “Sea Monster” attack and defense in the opening battle: keep calmYahoo Sports
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