Tuesday , March 2 2021

I was horrible for 7 minutes! NASA "Insight" successfully landed on Mars – China Times News

Human discovery Mars has made a new progress today (27) The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) dakik InSight “survived the most terrifying 7 minutes and successfully reached Mars at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Instinct has successfully landed on Mars and began to rotate photos of the Mars surface. (Photo of Midland)

NASA spent $ 993 million to create an insight (equivalent to 30.9 billion NT) and successfully landed Mars today and started to give back the latest Mars surface photos to NASA's headquarters.

The insight into Mars will overcome several challenges, particularly the Martian atmosphere, at a speed of 19,800 kilometers per hour in 2 minutes, while atmospheric friction will increase the temperature of the heat shield to 1400 degrees Celsius, and the supersonic parachute will appear two minutes later. The most critical thing is the slowdown in which the heat shield needs to be disconnected within 15 seconds, turn on the bracket in 10 seconds, start the radar, throw back the retouch and retroy, and finally land at the Martian Eleux Plain. The entire landing process is controlled automatically by the Insights computer NASA can only confirm success with a return signal. Scientists and engineers have also referred to this time as otomatik fear 7 minutes Tüm. The analyzes passed the test and landed successfully.

This is the eighth time the United States successfully believed in the surface of Mars, the first task of Earth to detect the Earth's seismic waves: With the discovery of the detector and the underground drilling technology, scientists were able to determine the structure and formation of the planets of the solar system such as Mars and the Earth. They hope to understand. .

(Chinese Times)

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